Chicago Taxi Calendar

      Last, but not least...

Mr. December

The playful Mr. August stops his engine for a minute to show off his big balls.

We are back for the fourth year in a row, bringing you tons of sexy on wheels.  This year's calendar doesn't disappoint.  With eye candy on every month, 2017 will be exciting for all that are lucky to have this calendar!

Scroll down for a sneak peek of what you can expect to find in the 2017 Chicago Taxi Calendar. 

This year's calendar will benefit the EPIC Foundation.  50% of all proceeds will be donated to EPIC.  The EPIC Foundation is a non-profit organization that serves people with chronic illnesses, with a particular focus on rare diagnosis' such as Cushings Disease, Addison's Disease and Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency.

The beloved Elvis Presley suffered from Cushing Disease.  Our calendar cover-girl is dressed in an Elvis costume to bring awareness to this rare disease that often goes undiagnosed.

The EPIC Foundation was founded by Dr. Karen Thames.  She is a licensed clinical psychologist that suffered from Cushings Disease.  Through her long journey to finding the right doctors and an accurate diagnosis, she came to understand the trauma and other struggles that patients face.  Dr. Thames is currently in remission and spends her time empowering other patients that are in need of education, support and advocacy. 

To learn more about the EPIC Foundation, please visit www.epictogether.org.

Mr. July makes being clean to mean being so dirty!

The sweet Mr. February warms up with a hot cup of tea on cold night.  Yummy!

Photographs, editing and production by Melissa Callahan     Email: melissacci@yahoo.com Phone: (773) 443-0700